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Alkaline herbal blend of nettle, matico (cordoncillo negro) and chanca piedra.

One Way Out - Lymphatic System

    Our One Way Out blend was created to address the Lymphatic System and is comprised of three alkaline herbs that grow wild in the Amazon Rainforest and Andean Mountains of Ecuador: Matico (Cordoncillo), Nettle and Chanca Piedra.

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    It means we do not subject our herbs to ionized radiation to extend shelf life.

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    Alkaline herbal blend of nettle, matico (cordoncillo negro) and chanca piedra.
    One Way Out - Lymphatic System

    Herb Details

    Here are some ways each of these herbs have been used by indigenous communities and what scientific research has found:⁣

    Matico – Its most common uses amongst indigenous communities of the Amazon Rainforest in ancient times was as a wound healing herb. In fact, the name “Matico” stems from the last name of an injured Spanish soldier who was part of Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro’s army. It is said that this soldier’s wound was allegedly healed with the Matico leaf by a native of Peru. In addition to skin-related conditions, studies show Matico is also used to address excessive fluid retention, improve digestive health, and strengthen respiratory conditions.⁣

    Nettle - In ancient times, indigenous people of Ecuador would use Nettle to do spiritual cleanses, as the plant represented protection against unwanted energies. Nettle has also been used as a blood cleanser, adrenal activator, bone and joint pain reliever, diuretic, and urinary tract cleanser.⁣

    Chanca Piedra – a powerful herb from the Amazon Rainforest which translates to stone breaker. Studies demonstrate its effectiveness in dissolving kidney stones and gallstones, hence its name. Scientific research and clinical studies also indicate that Chanca Piedra may improve liver function, address gout, regulate symptoms of diabetes, help with blood pressure management, address ulcers, and also promote lymphatic drainage. ⁣

    Together, the properties in all three of these herbs may promote lymphatic flow, reduce accumulated fluid retention, break down kidney stones and gallstones, combat urinary tract infections, reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar levels, address digestive imbalances, improve bone and joint conditions, and stimulate cellular cleansing.⁣

    Please consult with your physician or medical professional before purchase or consumption of this herbal blend.


    May address kidney & adrenal fatigue⁣

    May improve lymphatic drainage⁣

    May enhance digestive function⁣

    May regulate blood sugar levels⁣

    May strengthen bones & joints⁣

    May regulate blood pressure⁣

    May purify liver & kidneys⁣

    May lower bad cholesterol⁣

    May cleanse urinary tract ⁣

    May reduce swelling⁣

    How to prepare teas:

    For every 2 cups of water use 1 TBSP of this blend.

    Bring water and herbs to a boil. Then reduce heat to low, cover with a lid
    & simmer for 1 hour. Strain & serve. Kawsaypac ⚡️

    Note that each serving can be used up to 2 times!

    TIP: Another way of consuming these herbs is by soaking them in water for at least 24-48 hours. This allows the water to naturally extract the properties from your herbs without the need of boiling them and changing its molecular structure. Afterwards, you can strain and consume.

    How long can I drink this tea?

    You can consume this blend daily with no restrictions.

    When should I drink this blend?

    Feel free to incorporate this blend into your routine at any time of the day. Many individuals prefer starting their day with it while fasting, while some find it beneficial in the evening before bedtime. We encourage you to discover the timing that aligns best with your body's needs.

    If you're on a detox journey, we suggest incorporating it into your morning and evening routine. Unless you've purchased the Eliminate and Regenerate Detox Bundle, then follow the instructions outlined for that.

    Consumption Tips:

    The simplest and most common way to consume them is in the form of a tea. Please follow the instructions listed on your herbal blend package to make it.⁣

    Best to consume fasted in the morning or at night at least 2 hours after eating. For best effect, you can consume 2-3 cups a day⁣.

    Where is this herb sourced?

    Our Matico, Nettle, and Chanca Piedra are ethically sourced from the Amazon Rainforest & Andes Mountains of Ecuador with the help of indigenous communities we work directly with.

    Please note because our herbs are wild-crafted they may contain nature's residue which is perfectly safe and harmless.

    Disclaimer: Herb Appearance Variation

    We are committed to ethically sourcing our herbs and work closely with various indigenous communities in Ecuador to ensure the highest standards of sustainability and authenticity. It is important to note that these communities have their own traditional techniques for cutting herbs.

    As a result, the appearance of the herbs in our product pictures on the website may slightly differ in terms of shape and color. We want to assure you that despite these variations, the integrity and potency of the plant remain consistent. It's essentially the same potent plant ally, just with a unique grooming style—a new "haircut," if you will.

    We appreciate your understanding and celebrate the diversity and richness that these traditional practices bring to our products. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.


    How do I store my herbs?

    Oxygen will degrade herbs over time, so storing your herbs in a glass jar or food-safe bag kept in a cool dark area is best.

    Can I reuse herbs?

    Of course! Just allow them to airdry before storing it.

    Leaves & Flowers: Can be used 2-3

    Stems, Barks, and Roots: Can be resued up to 3-4 times

    Can I take herbs while I'm on presciption medication?

    We stronly encourage you to consult with an accredited medical professional before consuming, purchasing, or starting any herbal protocol.

    Can I take herbs while pregnant?

    Again, we stronly encourage you to consult with an accredited medical professional before consuming, purchasing, or starting any herbal protocal.

    "Herbs are the threads that weave the tapestry of holistic wellness, connecting us to the wisdom of generations past."