General eBook Questions

What file format are your ebooks?
The Electric Eats offers our eBooks as PDF files.

What software do I need to read an eBook?
If operating on a desktop or laptop, you can download the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here to read PDF files.

Is any special hardware needed to read an eBook?
There is no special equipment required. Almost any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection can be used.

Are all books available in eBook format?
Yes! All our books are solely published as eBooks.


Ordering eBook(s)

How do I order an eBook?
To order an eBook, simply add it to your shopping cart. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact The Electric Eats by email

Will I be taxed on my eBook purchase?
No. You will not be taxed for an eBook purchase.


Downloading Purchased eBook(s)

If I purchase an eBook, when do I have access to the files?
Immediately! After placing your order, you will be emailed a unique link to download your eBook.

How do I download a purchased eBook?
Upon placing your order, you will receive an email with an option to download the eBook(s) you purchased.

How do I save my eBook(s) to my iPhone?
To save your books follow the steps below:

  1. Click on "view your order" in the confirmation email you receive
  2. In the window that opens, scroll down to "Download Your Products" and click "access downloads"
  3. In the new window that opens, click "view"
  4. On the bottom menu bar, click the middle icon.
  5. Under where it says "" click options and change "Send As" to "PDF"
  6. Click "Save To Files" and choose the folder you'd like to save your ebook to

How to download an ebook from shopify to iPhone


How long do I have access to the eBooks that I purchase?
You will have access to download your eBooks for 48 hours after purchase. After that time period, the unique link will expire. However, once you download the files, you may keep them for your personal use as long as you wish.

Why does the link to download my eBooks expire?
There are a variety of reasons why the link expires, but the main reason is that it makes it more difficult to forward the link to others allowing them access to the eBook— as the book should only be accessed by the party who purchases it.

Ok, so how do I get access to my eBook if the link expired?
Send an email to with your order number and we will happily send you a new download link to access your eBook(s).

What if I change computers/devices?
If you need to move the eBook to another computer or device after the download period, you may transfer it by any means available to you. Otherwise send an email to with your order number and we will send you a new download link to access your eBook(s)..

May I share my eBooks with others?
. All of the content is copyrighted by The Electric Eats.