In Quechua, which is one of the ancient indigenous languages spoken by the natives from the Andean region of South America, Kawsaypac (pronounced cow-say-pac) means “to live” and is an expression of cheers and giving thanks.

This phrase resonated with us because although we are both from different countries in South America (Bolivia & Ecuador), we are both from what is called the Andean region where Quechua was one of the main spoken languages in pre-colonial times.


Is a sacred geometrical design that consists of 19 circles of the same size that are interconnected. Not only is the floral composition beautiful, but the patterns show an interconnectedness of life on Earth and Universal existence.

In essence it symbolizes the building blocks of life and existence. Which are considered blueprints for the cycle of creation.

And since our bodies were created in the spirit of nature, then we are bound to the constructs of Earth. Giving more sentiment to the word “Earthling.”

All that to say, when we offer you herbs from the Kawsaypac line, we are doing so with the intention to connect you back to your roots which affirm your bond to the source, the creator who wields the blueprint for the cycle of life. 

That is also why Kawsaypac is in honor of our ancestral lineage because it is our goal to inspire self-healing and more life with our wild-crafted plant medicine that is native to the Andean region and Amazonian Rainforest.

And speaking of inspiring...

Inspiration came to us early in 2022 when we decided to take a trip to Ecuador, Brian's homeland, to expand our learning about holistic health and natural living.

A big part of that journey was traveling throughout the country where we met natives of the Ecuadorian Amazon as well as of the Andes to learn about indigenous alkaline herbs and how they’ve been traditionally used for healing.

The more we learned about healing physically via plant-medicine from the indigenous people of Ecuador, the more we also learned about how important it is to heal on a spiritual level. This is why we value working with native communities who truly source their herbs with intention, love, honor, and respect for Pacha Mama (Mother Earth), as the loving energy they put into sourcing our alkaline herbs is the same one we manifest sharing with you as you reset, revitalize and re-balance.

And that is why...

We remained in Ecuador for most of 2022 with the intention to return to the U.S. to share these sacred medicinal herbs from our homeland with you.