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It means we do not subject our herbs to ionized radiation to extend shelf life.

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The medicinal benefit descriptions and information provided about our herbs have NOT been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Products, including herbs, sold on are NOT intended to cure, treat, diagnose, or act as a preventative measure for any disease or act as a substitute for medicine prescribed by any authorized medical professional. It is recommended that individuals consult about usage of herbal remedies with an authorized medical professional before purchasing or consuming any herbs sold on our website,


    Herb Details

    Cascarilla is a wild alkaline bark that is native to the Andean region of South America. It is known as the national plant of Ecuador and grows between 1,700 and 3,000 meters above sea level. 

    Cascarilla is commonly used as a digestive system regulator and aids in cleansing the lymphatic system. In Ecuador it is used as a natural remedy for people who have acid reflux, bloating, and digestive inflammation.


    May address acid reflux, bloating, & digestive distress

    May aid in cleansing the Lymphatic system

    May aid with parasite elimination

    May assist managing appetite

    May act as a blood cleanser

    May provide more energy

    How to prepare teas

    For every 2 cups use 1 tsp of the Cascarilla.

    Bring water and herb to a boil. Then reduce heat to low, cover with a lid & simmer for 1 hour. Strain & serve. Kawsaypac ⚡️

    Note: Since this is a bark that comes in cut & sifted in chunks, it is ideal to only use 1 chunk max – especially since this is a bitter herb. If it is too bitter, apply more water to your serving to dilute.

    Barks can be re-used between 3-4 times and still yield beneficial properties, so DO NOT throw away after your initial use

    Where is this herb sourced?

    Our Cascarilla is sourced specifically from the Ecuadorian Andean
    Mountains from the Kichwa indigenous community we work directly with.

    Please note because our herbs are wild-crafted they may contain nature's residue which is perfectly safe and harmless.

    How is it used?

    Cascarilla is commonly consumed as a tea or tonic and if consumed as either, it is best to do it in very low quantities as this is a very bitter and potent bark.


    How do I store my herbs?

    Oxygen will degrade herbs over time, so storing your herbs in a glass jar or food-safe bag kept in a cool dark area is best.

    Can I reuse herbs?

    Of course! Just allow them to airdry before storing it.

    Leaves & Flowers: Can be used 2-3

    Stems, Barks, and Roots: Can be resued up to 3-4 times

    Can I take herbs while I'm on presciption medication?

    We stronly encourage you to consult with an accredited medical professional before consuming, purchasing, or starting any herbal protocol.

    Can I take herbs while pregnant?

    Again, we stronly encourage you to consult with an accredited medical professional before consuming, purchasing, or starting any herbal protocal.

    "My love language is offering tea to friends and loved ones."