Alkaline Products And Where To Buy Them

Uncooked whole spelt grain in a bowl with a wooden spoon and spelt ears
(Uncooked whole spelt grain in a bowl with a wooden spoon and spelt ears)

So you saw one of our videos and are wondering “WHERE THE HECK DO I PURCHASE THAT?

We got you! Here is a list of items you’ve seen in our e-Book, TikTok videos and Instagram posts. 


  1. Amaranth Flour:
  2. Chickpea Flour:
  3. Kamut Flour:
  4. Quinoa Flour:
  5. Spelt Flour:
  6. Teff Flour:
  7. White Spelt Flour:


  1. Avocado Oil:
  2. Black Tahini Butter:
  3. Coconut Mana:
  4. Grapeseed Oil:
  5. Olive Oil:
  6. Tahini Butter:
  7. Walnut Butter:


  1. Kamut Flakes:
  2. Kamut Puffs:
  3. Quinoa Puffs:
  4. Spelt Flakes:


  1. Amaranth:
  2. Black Quinoa:
  3. Fonio:
  4. Kamut:
  5. Quinoa Flakes:
  6. Red Quinoa:
  7. Spelt:
  8. Teff:
  9. White Quinoa:
  10. Wild Rice:


  1. Basil Seeds: 
  2. Brazil Nuts:
  3. Walnuts:
  4. Black Sesame Seeds:
  5. Golden Sesame Seeds:
  6. Hemp Seeds:



  1. Chickpea Rotini:
  2. Kamut Elbows:
  3. Kamut Felicetti:
  4. Kamut Spirals:
  5. Kamut Spaghetti:
  6. Spelt Orzo:
  7. Spelt Pasta:
  8. Spelt Spaghetti:



  1. Agave Powder:
  2. Date Sugar:
  3. Date Syrup (Save 25%OFF using Electric25)
  4. Date Nectar:


  1. Black Lava Sea Salt:
  2. Pink Sea Salt:
  3. Red Hawaiian Sea Salt:
  4. Smoked Sea Salt:



  1. Aquafaba:
  2. Black Chickpeas:
  3. Black Mission Figs:
  4. Cayenne Pepper:
  5. Coconut Aminos:
  6. Coconut Cream:
  7. Coconut Milk *FULL FAT*:
  8. Coconut Wraps:
  9. Coffig *Coffee Substitute*
  10. Dates:
  11. Kelp Flakes:
  12. Organic Onion Powder:
  13. Sushi Nori Wraps:
  14. Walnut Milk:
  15. Red Clover Sprouts:



  1. Ball Mason Jar 32 oz. :
  2. Cake Pan Set:
  3. Cast Iron Skillet:
  4. Coconut Bowls:
  5. Cutting Boards:
  6. Dumpling & Ravioli Mold Maker:
  7. Food Processor:
  8. Frying Pan:
  9. Hand Mixer:
  10. Ice Cream Maker:
  11. Immersion Blender:
  12. KitchenAid Mixer:
  13. Knife Set:
  14. Mason Jar Sprouting Lids:
  15. Meal Prep Containers:
  16. Measuring Cups + Spoons:
  17. Ninja Foodie Smoothie Maker:
  18. Nut Bag:
  19. Pasta Maker:
  20. Ravioli Stamps:
  21. Rolling Pin:
  22. Sauce Bottle:
  23. Spiralizer:
  24. Sprouting Mason Jar Set:
  25. Strainers:
  26. Sushi Mats:
  27. Taco Holder:
  28. Vitamix:


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